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Archive for September 2012

Wear a bit of Born Just Right

I’ve been asked and asked and asked… so it’s time. I need your help in deciding what design or designs we should use for a Born Just Right t-shirt. My friend and former student (she actually graduated right before I started teaching at the Missouri School of Journalism), Sarah Clark, has created a wonderful array…

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One of those moments

I’m an expressive person. Just ask anyone who has spent any amount of time with me and he or she will tell you I am passionate and at times loud. A part of my expression comes from my forehead. I move it in all kinds of directions… happy or sad… or mad. So fast forward…

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So many special occasions in one weekend

My head is spinning just thinking of everything we accomplished in one weekend. Just as we headed into the weekend, I surprised the kids with a chance to attend a two-day music festival in our town. It’s something they’ve had a chance to attend almost every year, but I didn’t expect us to have the…

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Party time with Nemo!

We held a very successful and super fun fundraiser for Camp No Limits! I’m lucky Born Just Right was able to team up with Special Need Tech to create a super fun Nemo-themed party at our local theater, Goodrich Forum 8. The set up of the room was pretty cool after I discovered Nemo decorations…

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A changing view of special needs

For many years, Jordan has expressed little interest when I’ve introduced her to other kids with limb differences or any other type of physical challenge. Most of the time she would react with little to no emotion and focus on just about anything other than the cool difference I was point out to her. Lately,…

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Finding Nemo means a lot to Jordan (and me)

You may have noticed we are incredibly busy. Every time a new semester kicks up, I jump in deep as a professor and a newsroom manager and watch as my wonderful Born Just Right family gets fewer stories and photos of our crazy, busy life. I’m sorry my posts have been spaced out more than…

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GIVEAWAY: Disney storybooks and ice skating!

We are planning another magical trip to Disney World later this year. We love it there so much. This year, we’re visiting thanks to our road trip to my parents’ house in south Florida for the holidays. On our way back, we plan to enjoy the resort and a few other neat surprises for the…

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