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Archive for April 2011

She's a baseball player

Last night was Jordan’s first t-ball game as a player. She’s attended many games… Ever since she was tiny, she’s attended games for her brother. But now it’s her turn. I had a lot of people ask me how she was going to play. She has a tiny pink bat and she’s swinging it super…

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Raising awareness in so many ways

Awareness… I’ve written about it a lot lately. It’s something that I’m passionate about. But I realize there are so many levels of awareness that is important for us and our families. Why not talk more about it? This came to mind when a few of my friends shared an article from the St. Louis…

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Limb Loss Awareness Month

Did you know April is Limb Loss awareness month? I didn’t either. It’s actually the first time the Amputee Coalition of America has held a month-long campaign to raise awareness. That’s mainly because there are three different amputee worlds: congenital, traumatic and health-related amputations. The ACA’s campaign focuses on the health-related amputations and how many…

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Easter fun

There are all kinds of exciting things that come with an Easter celebration… and for the five year old Miss Jordan it wasn’t the candy or the egg hunt. It was her beautiful outfit. Jordan was so excited to dress up for the holiday. I bought her a new pair of shiny white shoes that…

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Purple Dress Project

I think it’s worth sharing a project that is underway in my area that may not affect many children (thank goodness) but it’s a terrible disease and a blogger in my community is trying to raise awareness. Ashley Hasty created the Purple Dress Project to raise awareness about Crohns Disease. Crohns is usually developed between…

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It's the little things

Jordan is able to do just about everything on her own. She started putting her socks on her own with a very strong-willed stubbornness at 18 months old. She is an excellent paper cutter with scissors. Of course we need to work on a few things that she’ll encounter at school… Including opening milk boxes. But…

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Finding ways to meet

When I started this site, it was really a way to share stories with families and friends. It was also therapeutic. I had a space to express how I felt as I juggled with the feelings of joy for having a sweet newborn baby and the sadness for knowing how my culture reacts to a…

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Earth Day fun

We had such a busy weekend. Saturday was our super fun family meetup and Sunday was our town’s Earth Day event. Its a chance to see how our town is helping save the earth and enjoy all kinds of entertainment. It’s also an excuse to enjoy music and dancing and romp around a park and…

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Family meetup!

We had a great meetup yesterday at the Magic House just outside of St. Louis. We had a small but super fun group of families to play and get to know each other. The Magic House was crowded but we were able to have all kinds of fun. I can’t say enough about how powerful…

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We’re meeting a bunch of limb difference families in St. Louis today! I’ll have pictures to share as soon as possible. If you can join us, we headed to the Magic House at 11:00am. We plan to spend most of the day there!

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