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Archive for March 2011

Spreading the love

A week ago, my community of social media fans got together to have fun and raise money for the Boone County Family Resources program as part of the international Twestival fundraiser. Cities around the world raised money for a local cause. I was attending BlogHer bet and didn’t get to be there. It killed me,…

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Dance class smiles

Right before I left town for my most recent trip, I had a chance to sit in on Jordan’s dance class. She’s worked with this studio since she was two and a half years old. That seems like forever ago. Either way, Jordan loves dance. It was really fun to watch her work very hard…

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Inspired… And ready to grow

I have spent the last couple of weeks attending conferences that have really helped me think about my career and my passions. This site is my deepest passion. I love my family, I love our blessings and I love the community I’ve been able to meet, learn and support here and across other sites (especially…

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Finding a way to say thanks

There are many times when I’ve mentioned the organization that helps provide funding for Jordan’s helper arms, summer camp enrollment and opportunities to ride at equestrian therapy and take part in community events. I feel blessed to have a great case worker and live in an area that can offer this kind of support. So…

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Special friends

Our house is full of friends and happiness. It’s March Madness… For years, we’d go to my brother-in-law’s house in St. Louis to watch many screens, laugh and enjoy our awesome friends. He moved a while back and luckily, we’ve been able to remain connected to his (and now our) wonderful friends. In the last…

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Home at last

I’m finally home after a week away from the family. Jordan leaped into my arms… She was so excited I was home. It’s so darn sweet and it just keeps getting sweeter. I was about to go to bed when I found this pile of stuffed animals on my side of the bed. Jordan put…

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Special connections

There’s something about being the parent of a child who has differences in any way that makes you feel connected to other parents. That’s why I want to share this special video about a little boy named Bennett. Bennett’s mom, Breck, went to school where I teach. We have mutual friends but I never really…

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Questions in the family

I don’t normally write about Cameron (Jordan’s almost nine-year-old brother) on this blog since he’s learning to blog on his own webpage, but we had a moment today that I think is worth sharing. Not long after I picked up Cameron from school this afternoon, we had an unexpected conversation: Cam: “Mom? Did Jordan have…

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Starting to get a little nervous

I’m two weeks and a day away from signing Jordan up for Kindergarten. She has attended the same school for almost two and a half years. She hasn’t even changed classrooms in that time. She’s an incredibly flexible kid but I’m nervous about making sure she is prepared and ready to be in a new…

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