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Archive for December 2010

Peek into our holiday

I had to do it… I put together a little video of our Christmas. There are so many other stories to tell and see… But we fell into a song thanks to Target’s free holiday music collection and it inspired me to create this video. Have fun!

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Christmas celebrating

We’re going to Disney World!! The kids are super excited! Cameron noticed the trend of how we’ve gone to Disney World every other year – the first time was for one day, the second time was for two days and this year he hoped for three. Incredibly, we’re going for FOUR!! They found out thanks…

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Merry wishes from Jordan and her family

Jordan and the rest of our family are enjoying the Christmas holiday. For those of you who read this blog and celebrate Christmas, I hope your celebration is wonderful. We’re having all kinds of fun. The kids had a chance to go for a swim today – twice! The first time was venturing into their…

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Services on the way out

For the last two years we’ve been very fortunate to work with an organization in our county that focuses on family resources. Basically, it is a county program that helps fund therapies, activities and grants for people with challenges to help them reach their full potential. When Jordan aged out of our state’s 0-3 developmental…

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Jordan's not impressed, but I am

Every time we show Jordan video of a person doing something cool with a limb difference, Jordan just does not react much. I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again. We’ve given Jordan access to so many awesome and able limb different people, she doesn’t expect anything less than awesome. So when Randy found…

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Holiday wishes

As we get closer and closer to the holidays, I wanted to share our holiday card from our family to yours. I’m stunned by the growing community I see around this blog and the Sammy’s Friends group online. I’m honored to have so many wonderful friends online and in person across the country and in…

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Dancing with smiles

I love dance recitals. I love how excited Jordan gets. I love how she’s SUCH a girl. She is all about me getting her makeup on and patiently lets me do her hair. It’s the only time I can comb and brush and pull out tangles and she doesn’t complain. I love the shocking difference…

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Snow day fun

It snowed last night and that means two very happy kids in our household. I woke up with a little girl begging to get her boots on and head out into the snow. So that’s just what both kids did. Jordan and her brother jumped in and ran around in the cold snow and didn’t…

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New skin concerns

Jordan is struggling with skin issues on her little arm again… This time it’s because she’s really focused on washing her hand and arm. Apparently they had a talk at school about how washing you hands will help keep germs away. So now Jordan is thoroughly washing her hand and arm each and every time…

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