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Archive for November 2010

Holiday spirit in full force

After a great Thanksgiving weekend, the kids got to end it with tree decorating. They both took the job very seriously. We don’t have a theme-tree beyond “memories.” The tree is full of ornaments from our many adventures and the kids’ art work. There are also old and new pictures that made Jordan squeal to…

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This is the best day of my life

Jordan reached over and whispered those exact words into my ears while we watched Disney’s Tangled this evening. She’s really looked forward to seeing the movie… And I couldn’t wait much longer to go. Her simple happiness while watching the movie was so fun to watch. Pretty magical hair can go a long way with…

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Giving thanks on Thanksgiving

Jordan woke me up this morning with the kind of excitement that comes with the holidays. She had these happy wide eyes that told me she did not remember Thanksgiving comes with visits with family and lots to eat. Randy and I think this may be the first time she really paid attention to what…

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Beauty and TSA

In my quest to keep up with the limb difference world, I realize I’ve missed the opportunity to write about two limb different women who recently were in the news for their beauty and limb difference. Kelly Knox won Britain’s Missing Top Model earlier in 2008. It’s a BBC show that gave disabled models a…

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Why we're going armless at the dance recital

I’ve been really impressed with Jordan’s use of her helper arm at dance class lately. It’s especially useful during the ballet half of her class. But after watching Jordan rehearse for the winter recital… I’m pretty sure we’re going to go arm free. She spent most of the dance repositioning the arm and missing steps.…

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Super proud of our friend

This summer, the kids and I got to take part in our second year at Camp No Limits. We met many new kids, families and friends. One of those friends is a fantastic person named Josh Kennison. Josh was born without hands or feet and he hasn’t let that stop him one bit. He’s one…

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Limb difference families unite!

I talk about offering support to other moms and dads of kids with limb differences. I use this blog as one way. Helping moderate the Sammy’s Friends listserv is another big way. I expanded this site onto Facebook and have had a chance to interact with so many other people. Jordan and I sometimes speak…

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Busy sports fun

We fell into two wonderful sports events this weekend… And Miss Jordan was pretty willing to pay attention to both… Even though I had a hard time capturing a good picture of her at the basketball game! After a late night at the basketball game, we had a chance to go out early in the…

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Over already?

I can’t believe we wrapped up equestrian therapy a week ago for the year. The sessions have been incredibly awesome for Jordan this Fall and I hate to see it go. In the final session for the year, Jordan had a chance to earn a medal. And of course, she was very proud. I think…

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Seven jewels

It took the offer of seven jewels, but I got Jordan to help me present her story and her use of prosthetics to occupational therapy students this afternoon. Jordan and I visit the class once a year. I think it’s pretty awesome we’ve visited the class since 2006. It’s funny when we pulled up to…

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