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Archive for April 2010

Needing a mind shift

I had an “aha” moment this week. I talk to a lot of people I’ve never met before on a regular basis. And when my life story comes up, I mention how I have two kids and how I transitioned from a traditional newsroom manager to a web-based manager at the best of times. I…

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Cowgirl in charge

Jordan had a super cool opportunity today. She was invited to represent her therapeutic riding center at a horse show by handing out ribbons to the winners.The equestrian event was a fundraiser for the center. Jordan got to hand out ribbons for all kinds of horse riding styles. She loved the power of handing out…

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Jordan got to celebrate her brother’s birthday party along with four other kids from the neighborhood – four boys who spent the night at our house. She had fun… and some how convinced each boy to push her on her swing. (Except for her brother) They all played, danced, ate pizza and had fun. Of…

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Problem Solver

Jordan was really brave at a St. Louis play area called the City Museum. It’s hard to explain the spot – it’s full of climbing. There are slides, there are balls, there are tunnels. It’s kind of scary for a mom… And it was kind of scary for a little girl who has recently shown…

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What a weekend!

I probably have multiple posts to do about this weekend… But first, I need to present to you our medal winning runner from this weekend’s St. Louis Kids’ Fun Run. Jordan got to race in the 2-4 year old 50 yard dash race: Every kid won… And it was so great to see Jordan’s excitement…

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Getting brave

Jordan is in a swimming class with her brother… And we’re at that point where we’re trying to get her to try to swim. You know, when you push her towards the wall and hope she doesn’t breathe in the water. She’s been really confident until recently. She wants to cling to me when I…

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Easter fun

The kids are enjoying a wonderful Easter – full of hugs and smiles. It’s sweet how they dress up and happily pose together. For some reason, Easter is the holiday they happily smile and stand close to each other. Maybe it’s the pastel color of the clothing. Who knows. I do know that I have…

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Swinging free

There’s something so remarkable about Spring. It’s a chance to just be who you are. The outdoors do that for all of us if you let it. What’s awesome about the outdoors and Jordan is she is attracted it to during all seasons. She’s happy to wander around in whatever the conditions. (Wet, snowy, windy)…

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She's clearly growing up

This week is Jordan’s brother’s week. His birthday is on April first… and every year you have to deal with a bit of jealousy that comes with the doting of a birthday kid. But this year was different. Jordan was honored to have a birthday brother. She signed and decorated a card and drew a…

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