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Archive for February 2010

Biking her way

The weather was sunny and warm-ish enough on the day Randy and I returned home from our vacation to watch the kids rude their bikes outside. Jordan had to wear the new tutu her grandma bought her while riding. She was having so much fun!

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I always said my girl is able…

…And Aimee Mullins says wonderful things about her experience as a person born with a limb difference. I truly believe each person brings incredible things to the world… and a challenge just helps you learn about your abilities even earlier in life. Thanks to Barbara from TherExtras for sharing this link with me:

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So Thankful

I’m heading out of the country for a vacation – but I wanted to take a moment to remember my Aunt Jan. She passed away this morning after battling ovarian cancer for more than ten years. Ten years? What an amazing woman. She fought and fought and beat it a few times. But there was…

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I just realized…

That Jordan will go to Kindergarten in 2011. Some of her friends are going to be in Kindergarten this Fall. This Fall? How is that possible? How can she be so big? My mind is blown. I should have seen it coming. By the way… In the last few weeks, Jordan has been extra focused…

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So busy

We are so busy lately… Add in some very long days at work and I haven’t been able to blog enough lately. The good news? Jordan is doing well. She’s starting to write her name, she’s getting better at drawing (you can actually understand the shapes and people in her drawings) and she’s starting to…

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Party animal

Sure Jordan is a little young to party all the time… but she did get a chance to go to two different birthday parties over the weekend. She had a blast… But in one of the parties I watched a little girl staring at Jordan and clearly wanted to reach out and touch her arm…

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