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Archive for July 2009

"Everyone's different"

Jordan’s questions about her arm are coming from every direction these days — especially when you aren’t expecting it. Yesterday she was in the middle of an all out tantrum with her dad – She was saying no to everything he was asking her to do. No, I won’t wear this. No, I won’t wear…

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The girl on TV

I work in TV news, so when something is on the news, I try not to make a big deal about it… But the girl was in a story that aired on the NBC station in St. Louis, KSDK. Enjoy watching more about Camp No Limits and its first year in the St. Louis area!…

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Keeping active

I joined a multi-sport club that I hope will keep me running and hopefully introduce the fun of running, biking and swimming to the kids. So last night we went to an event where a bunch of kids and their parents enjoyed a local trail so they could ride their bikes. I love excuses to…

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New question

The girl, her brother, her uncle and I were walking to the car from the pool when she asked: “Mommy… When are you going to have an arm like me?” I looked at her matter of fact and said: “Sweetie, I’m never going to have a cool arm like you. You’re special that way.” I…

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Good moving forward

Jordan and the rest of the family met up with David Rotter – who built Jordan’s current prosthetic (and its many hands). The girl LOVES “Mr. David” and I wanted Randy and Cameron to meet him too. So we all showed off Jordan’s growing skills with her bike arm. I’m pretty darn excited to see…

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Camp No Limits!

The kids and I wrapped up our Camp No Limits experience yesterday. This is the first time I’ve been able to get onto my computer since then. It was the first time the camp came to Missouri – so it was very small. But there are also camps in Maine, Florida and Idaho this year.…

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