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Archive for June 2008

Last hotel

We made it to our final hotel before we start our camping trip for five days. We snagged a nice room in northern Vermont before we cross the border over to New Hampshire. It’s very exciting. I will probably be completely offline until after we arrive in Maine. I promised Cam that I would not…

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An angel

Jordan woke up last this morning. She took forever falling asleep. It was challenging sleeping next to her. Actually is was so challenging that I ended up sleeping at the bottom of the bed so she wouldn’t kick me in the head. Anyway, she was still sleeping this morning when Randy and I sat there…

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On the road

We’re on the road for our big summer vacation. We’re super lucky to have a great house/dog sitter taking care of things while we’re away. So now we can focus on having fun without worry… Other than the fact that I’m on call for jury duty while I’m away. I’m not exactly sure how to…

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A new look!

Jordan’s had her hair cut one time… Until today. I wanted to help her hair take shape before we head out for a big mega-vacation. So I looked into places I could take her and the price wasn’t any different between a nice grown-up hair place or the new local girly-girl salon. I went with…

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Our special trip

I just love spending time with my Aunt and it was so great to take Jordan back to Dallas to see her last weekend. I happen to be out of town AGAIN – this time I’m on my own to attend a journalism forum. But I just wanted to tell everyone a little more about…

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"I can't do it."

I knew it would happen someday… But it’s happening now. Jordan is telling me “I can’t do it.” She often says it with a task she can do but takes extra effort. Most of the time it is putting on underwear or shorts. “I can’t do it.” But you can. I’ve seen you do it.…

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Really busy

I’m so behind on pictures and life stories about Jordan. We got back into town yesterday morning at 3am after spending a long weekend with my Aunt. She’s been battling cancer and we were able to get into town in between chemo treatments. My Aunt is amazing and it was SO great to be with…

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My dancing girl

Jordan had her first dance class yesterday. It was kinda cool. Not because she really participated in the class (I’d say she half participated). What was cool was how she was excited about getting dressed up. She talked about being a princess and wearing princess shoes (her ballet shoes). She was very proud to be…

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Fun fun fun

Jordan is starting to talk and talk and talk. So I have to write down a couple of funny things she’s saying. When turning on a light she says: “I open the light.”When turning off a light she says: “I close the light.” When Randy was leaving for work yesterday she asked: “You got your…

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