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Archive for April 2008

28 Months Old!

Another amazing month of growth, words and INDEPENDENCE. My goodness, I grow ’em independent. So independent, it’s why Jordan got moved into the 2 1/2 and 3 year old classroom. They knew she could hold her own… But unfortunately, her teachers will have a lot of “breaking” to do. Jordan has ruled the roost with…

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What a weekend

It was quite a busy weekend — Busy because I really wanted to spend time with the kids and have fun. In between the fun, I had many interesting challenges with Jordan. The battle over shoes, getting dressed and putting on the seatbelt continued. It is tiring and at some points, I have to just…

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A number of big changes

You can tell that I’m swamped at work when I don’t blog as regularly. It’s so glaringly obvious. Well, while I’ve been swamped at work, Jordan’s had some big changes in her world. First, she transitioned into a new classroom this week. She is now in a room with a majority of kids who turn…

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Playing with video

My newsroom has new cameras and I wanted to figure out how to use them. So I took it home and shot some video. I edited it together and here’s some of the results. First – Video the proves Jordan will say that she loves anything. Even poopy. She also loves me. AND some morning…

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I almost fell over laughing

The kids rarely take baths together… But we were going to bed late and I had to offer a two for one bath-time to save time. It was so dang funny to watch that I had to take pictures and video. Our town held its annual Earth Day celebration… Giving us a chance to watch…

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Look!! Look!! I dropped Jordan off at school during music time. The kids were banging on drumsticks to the beat of the music. The teacher handed Jordan two sticks, so my little girl dropped one of the sticks into her prosthetic hand and started banging onto the stick. I took pictures because it was so…

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Long delay!

After a relatively long business trip, I’m home again with the kids. I hate being away for so long, but I did a lot of good stuff for my students and I got to see a ton of cool technology and ideas. (I was at the RTNDA/NAB conference in Las Vegas – such a silly…

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Super silly

Jordan is a kick. She is SO stubborn. She’s so stubborn that you have to laugh. Her new thing is to take a stand. A loud and screaming stand. It is so appropriate since she’s my kid. But today was a turning point. She talked back at me. I was telling her that we were…

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Busy day

We started the day with an awesome hike. The four of us headed to the nearby state park and enjoyed my favorite two mile trip. Jordan had fun – especially at the end of the hike when she got to get out of the backpack and walk on her own. She was having so much…

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