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Archive for March 2008

Mud? I don't care about mud!

It’s been a very wet spring so far. There’s been a lot of flooding in our state. For us, our backyard just won’t dry out. So when it rains, the backyard turns to mush immediately. But that doesn’t mean a thing to Jordan. Today’s temperature was in the low 70’s and that was just too…

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27 Months Old!

27 months old. It’s pretty amazing. There’s so much amazing happening these days. We’re having full conversations. Jordan is trying as hard as she can to butt heads with me, but I’m trying to stand tall. Her talking took up another notch this month… She not only states fact and asks/demands things, she’s holding her…

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Group pride

I’m a co-moderator for a support group that’s been known as the ABS Support Group for a long time. ABS stands for Amniotic Band Syndrome — a diagnosis many kids get when they’re born missing pieces of limbs. It’s what my doctor said immediately. I’m now very skeptical with that diagnosis… And I lean more…

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That pink thing

When I was pregnant with Jordan, I was ADAMANT that I keep my little baby daughter away from the color pink. I hated the color. I didn’t want to force my child into some kind of gender assigned color coordination. It was wrong. My child was going to wear green and yellow and heck, BLUE…

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We interrupt this regularly scheduled day

Just when we had the day rolling, Jordan and I suddenly spent the day at home while her brother sleeps. He wasn’t feeling well… Bad enough that I decided to not drag him into the car just so I could take Jordan to school. So we’ve let him sleep and she’s let me take conference…

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A happy Easter

Jordan enjoyed her third Easter… And she was able to participate in it more than ever before. She put up with my attempts to pose the kids for Easter in their pretty outfits. She put up with my need to put them through an egg hunt. She enjoyed eating a bunch of sugar — Although…

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Jordan Approved

Jordan loved it. We all loved it. It’s funny and Jordan loved the action and the sillies. She spent half of the time saying: “That’s funny Mommy! That’s funny Daddy!” and the other half eating popcorn and drinking water. I swear, if she could, she’d eat nothing but popcorn. Obviously she’s my kid.

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Thanks blog friends!

I have to say I’m pretty amazed by the immediate response of my blog and web friends when I announced our latest prosthetic arm problems. I live closest to a Shriner’s in St. Louis – that Shriner’s does not produce myoelectric arms. So, hopefully my physical therapist will target a Shriners that would be interested…

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Another busy week

It’s amazing how swamped I am at work this week. Today Jordan got to meet with her physical therapist for the first time in many many months. I was kind of hoping we’d get the all clear from wearing those shoe inserts and move towards letting Jordan wear cute sandals and other shoes like that.…

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Every day I am amazed

Miss Independence continues to wow me. She knows what she wants and she’s all about ordering me and anyone else around. This weekend she was pretty close to me after I missed most of Saturday due to a work meeting. Today was a perfect example about how Jordan is growing. While her brother was playing…

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