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Archive for February 2008

Family time

Jordan got to enjoy a surprise visit from Uncle Barry and Beth yesterday. She was so excited when she saw her Uncle. The coolest thing: She knew who he was before we had to tell her. That’s pretty special. By the end of their visit, Jordan was calling him “Beardy” with periodic proper pronunciations. Very…

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That was kind of wierd

I took Jordan to the grocery store today. Just as we were walking in I noticed a table of Girl Scouts selling cookies. That was no big deal, but I immediately recognized my OB-GYN who almost delivered Jordan (she kind of flew out on her own… seconds before my doctor ran into the room). Anyway.…

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What a big girl!

Two weeks ago we started Jordan on swimming lessons. Four lessons later and today Miss Boo kicked butt. We got into the water and she instantly started kicking. BIG splashes. She did so well. This swim school puts short tables into the water so the little kids can stand in the water. The idea is…

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One little thing

Say a prayer for my Aunt Jan. She’s amazing and battling cancer. She has battled and battled and continues to kick it’s butt. She’s currently going through an experimental treatment that left her a bit fried and somehow still with us. I just talked to her on the phone and I just want to make…

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Ten Percent Rule

Randy threw this one at me and I think he may be right… I just don’t spend time dwelling on it: Ten percent of parents are totally cool with being around Jordan. They don’t care she’s missing some of her arm and they just know she’s a kid and it’s obvious her family loves her.…

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Found a new way to play with pictures

Click here if you want to see it bigger. You can build multiple pages and then Scrapblog creates a little power point presentation of all of your scrapbook pages. It’s cute. I’ve always been jealous of those people who create beautiful scrapbook pages on their computer. I’m a bit busy to really get detailed, but…

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Getting brave

Jordan had a ball egging her brother on today… They ended up playing pretty well right before bed time. But the big moment was when Cameron jumped onto the little toy rocking horse that sits in the living room. Jordan has been wary of it… Until now. With my help, she got on and had…

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My little valentine

Jordan had a ton of fun with this Valentine’s Day. She started the day with a yummy breakfast snack at home and at school. I had been pretty bummed that I was going to miss her school party since I was helping out at Cam’s event at his school. UNTIL… The poor kid got sick.…

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