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Archive for July 2007

Home again

After two and a half weeks, it’s good to be home. Our dogs are acting shell shocked… Like we’d never come home again. I got the kids unpacked, the refrigerator is cleaned out and I even got to the grocery store to restock. Heck, I saw a student there and gave him a pep talk.…

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Reading on the road

We had a rough start to the day… Probably because we drove WAY too long yesterday. There's some kind of motorycle event north of Columbus so we drove further than expected for a hotel. But we got one, slept in and got breakfast. We probably have 8 more hours and many movies to watch. I'm…

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Pennsylvania doesn't end

We're trying tomake it all the way across Pennsylvania. It's taking a while but the kids are keeping busy. Jordan keeps putting herself to "bed" by covering herself up with her blanket saying "night night." Cam is high on PB&J and Twizlers. I let him buy a package during our last bathroom stop. Silly permissive…

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On the road!

We've made it through a very strong rainstorm in Connecticut. We said our big goodbyes to my parents and the beautiful coast of Maine. Jordan already took one nap. We're talking Cam into taking one right now. Only six to eight more hours of driving to go for the day!

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I guess it's time to go home

We are mostly packed up and ready to go… We have two days of 12 hour driving to make it back in time for work on Monday. I kind of feel like the stars and moon aligned properly to send us off the right way — look at that picture. The moon came out with…

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Pie, lobster and the beach

We’ve continued this non-stop vacation with non-stop trips. After visiting the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens yesterday, we took the kids to eat at one of the best diners in the country: Moody’s Diner. We got their famous 4-berry pie. We even bought a slice for Jordan She’ll eat it ONLY if disguised in vanilla ice…

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Shopping at LL Bean!

Of course I had to catch a moment with Jordan and shoes. We both love shoes. Jordan is also getting pretty demanding in clothing stores. When she sees something she likes, she demands the opportunity the touch and admire the outfit. She is fine with putting it back but only after she has time to…

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A new doll

It was an overcast and eventually rainy day today… So after we enjoyed a lazy morning, the girls went shopping. Lucky for Jordan, she got her first real doll. You know: the kind that has a bottle and a pacifier. This one even makes a few sounds. All of it brings total and complete joy…

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Maine vacation is good for my girl

Jordan is so happy outside… And she LOVES the water. It’s been clear since we started camping that she just loves to be outside. She doesn’t want to be constrained, she wants to go. And the best thing to do: Dip her feet into the water. I’ve let her get soaking wet in a New…

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