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Archive for June 2007

18 Months Old!!

It’s Jordan’s half birthday!! It’s just amazing to think about what a big girl she is turning into. We had Jordan’s 6 month IFSP meeting this morning: Individualized Family Service Plan as part of the state’s First Steps program. We are going to cut down on our PT time (we were approved for 2-3 appointments…

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Dang it

My girl Originally uploaded by NerdyMom So I had kind of hoped Jordan had a parasite so we had an answer to her health issues. No luck. Her kind doctor emailed the results to me tonight as I asked for more ideas on how to stop these ickies. Her diaper messes got worse today. It’s…

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I promise not to drone on this topic for long

But I really, really, really, really, really want an iPhone to play with… And there’s no way on earth that I can afford it. I already spent money on a Treo. I love my Treo. But I love this phone. Here’s more proof: I will not discuss the iPhone again until I miraculously own one…

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I'm adding some nerd talk

So… I found this cool thing: I’m a Firefox user and this is a really cool add-on. It helps create a profile and gives the parent the opportunity to design what their kids can or cannot do online. It’s super user friendly and I’m very excited. Plus, I got in on the fun early enough…

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She climbs!

I looked away in the backyard for one moment… And suddenly I look up and Jordan is on the first rung of the treehouse ladder. I rush over and spotted her as she climbed all the way up on her own. Success!! She was very proud. I’m nervous. Cam would have never climbed that ladder…

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Watch our weekend

Here’s a slideshow of our weekend. We had a blast! The slideshow should work… but if it doesn’t, ask to be my Flickr friend and you’ll have all kinds of photos to watch. The pictures just make me smile… And I LOVE the new camera we bought for the station’s website! I’m somehow going to…

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Fun in the sun

Fun and exiting weekend for Miss Jordan. She got to play in water, with bubbles and we restocked the sandbox… So she went CRAZY with that. Unfortunately, she also learned that throwing sand with her brother leads to a very unhappy bathtub experience. It may take days to be sure I actually get all of…

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Ahhhh. The weekend.

Thank goodness it’s the weekend! It’s been a long one for some reason. Miss Jordan’s grandparents are here to spend some time with us. Thank goodness they were here — I needed to get Jordan into the doctor since her gross and unexplainable diaper issues continue to wreak havoc on her bottom and clothing. I…

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Weekend dancing

I was sitting at the dinner table with the kids on Sunday. We were listening to music off of my computer when this ROCKING song from the Bottle Rockets came on. Cam started dancing in his seat and not eating. So I told him that if he ate a couple of bites, I would stop…

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Subtle staring

When you walk by Jordan when she wears her myo, she looks a little muscular on one side — the prosthetic is a little wider than a standard little girl’s arm. Then you have to look a little closer to notice the arm is permanently bent at an almost 90-degree angle. Then you notice the…

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