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Archive for April 2007

16 Months Old

Jordan,Today you turned 16 months old! I can’t believe you’re this big. At the same time, you prove it every day. You are trying so hard to talk. I left town this past month. It was the first time I had been away from you. EVER. I was nervous. When I came back, I noticed…

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Let's get to work

We had our First Steps meeting yesterday. Our PT and OT met with our case manager. It turns out that we didn’t really have to have the meeting this week, but it did give us the opportunity to get approval for two months of intense PT to get Jordan into the walking mode. Since then,…

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Interesting meeting

Jordan went to work with me this morning because she had a meeting with the physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor at a nearby rehab clinic in town. The doctor checks in with us every once and a while. We met up with him a year ago when I was struggling to find therapists for Jordan.…

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Little changes

So I did two things today. First, you clearly got to this blog because you noticed that I changed the URL for this blog: bornjustright.blogspot.comI decided that as my site gets more activity, I should transition out of a URL that includes our last name. I also asked for special treatment for Jordan for the…

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Oh I remember this

Cameron started this screaming thing earlier in life. I forgot the mind-bending stress that comes from a child who can’t communicate enough. And this all happened while I was away!! We have a lot more screaming in the house. I’ve also noticed things are aggravating her for the first time… Or at least she’s verbally…

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Wow. Could you get some words please?

We’re soundly in the phase where my girl needs more words. She has taken to screaming a lot since I got back into town. Really painful screaming. I’m using words back with her, asking her to use the few signs that she knows… But she will fall into a ball of tears and an on-the-floor…

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She loves me

I stopped by school to see the kids when I got home this morning. Jordan saw me from across the room, threw her hand high in the air and started waving. I walked (fast walk) over to her, sat down and gave her big hugs. She just hugged me and would lift her head up…

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I'm getting closer to home

Amazing. I’ve bumped into and talked to so many people on this trip… Many who I’ve worked with in other markets or know through the many, many connections you make in the broadcast industry. But in the end, I think I got to know a lot of my students a little better. I also helped…

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2 hour time difference

This 2 hour time difference has kept me from talking to Jordan since I left town yesterday. She’s always in bed – either taking a nap or sleeping for the night. It sucks. But it sounds like she’s doing fine without me. I’m having a pretty good time — Went to a crazy, trendy bar…

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Getting my head into the game

I’m going to a conference today… I’m leaving the family, the whole family for the first time since we became a family of four. I’ll be back late, late Wednesday, so I won’t really see the family until Thursday. I’m a little nervous for some reason. So I have to get my head into the…

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