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Kids who are born with differences have incredible potential to think outside the box. Born Just Right hopes to offer experiences, tips and opportunities for our kids to grow up able, confident and creative.

When Jordan was first born, the first thing I did was look for websites where other parents were talking about limb differences. At first, there weren’t many. But the number has grown through the years.

As Jordan has grown up, we never told her there’s something she can’t do. Which is a good thing since she’s proved us time and time again that she can figure out all kinds of solutions with one hand. That problem solving has evolved into finding creative solutions to challenges she has faced. With the support of Autodesk and KidMOB, she has gained incredible confidence through design. Born Just Right is working to create more events to show kids what is possible.

We are thrilled to grow from a simple blog and evolve into a non-profit that is focused on helping kids take ownership of their own design needs. We are honored to be a part of an incredibly changing world of inclusive design and the maker health movement.