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Project Unicorn meets mHUB Chicago


We got to learn about some of the cool creations that have happened inside the mHUB facility.

Jordan and I found a way to pack in 46 hours of travel and adventure to visit Chicago and launch a new round of prosthetics. For the first time, Jordan grew out of her arms in less than a year. She’s so much bigger than a year ago.

Thanks to that new growth, we had a new chance to hold a meetup in Chicago! With the help of The Maker Mom, Kim Moldofsky, we had a chance to see old and new friends AND tour an amazing maker space called mHUB Chicago.

The goal of our meetup was to have a chance to share how Jordan became a maker and 3D designer. She wanted to show how empowering it can be to learn how to create for yourself. Along with a group of kids and parents, we also had a group of college students studying to become engineers. Jordan’s prosthetist, David Rotter, had a chance to attend and learn more about the facility while sharing some of his insights on prosthetics and 3D design. Add in a couple of members of mHUB and we had a show and tell to remember!


Big thanks to Kim Moldofsky for hosting us at mHUB and Eric Thomas and family for sharing this photo! (And driving into the city for our event!)

Jordan and I had to get up at 3am that morning to get into the city to enjoy all of our activities, so Jordan was a combination of exhausted and over-excited. When it came to presenting Project Unicorn, she was a little quieter presenting her experience than in the past. But she still had a chance to shoot her glitter and make everyone smile. In the end, that’s really her goal!

While the kids used scooters to zoom up and down the hallways, the parents had a chance to talk about prosthetics and all of the activities we participate in to help our kids. I feel like we are all on the cusp of a new world for anyone living with adaptive needs. We don’t have to rely on a mainstream industry to create the products our kids need. Our kids can create those products. (With the help of grownups who support them.)

I really appreciate Kim and the folks at mHUB for hosting us. It was amazing to see the huge facility and think about all the different ways we can all learn to create. I can’t wait for us to continue finding more ways for kids to learn about this exciting world!

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