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Archive for July 2011

Tips for when your child is in the hospital

Note: Heather is a regular contributor t0 Born Just Right and shares her experience as a mom of a little girl with mitochondrial disease. Lindsey just finished up her 8th and 9th hospital admission since the age of 14 months (so two years ago).  We have had planned and unplanned admissions, but they keep getting…

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Meet Jordan the triathlete!

That’s right! Jordan and her brother competed in their first triathlon this morning. We’ve been very busy and didn’t actually train for the event, but that didn’t intimidate either kid! Jordan had to swim 25 yards, bike half a mile and run a quarter of a mile. Her brother swam 100 yards, bike 3 miles…

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VIDEO: Camp No Limits-Missouri 2011

Tonight is the last night of Camp No Limits-Missouri! We have talent show tonight and the kids are getting ready for the big event. In the meantime, I put together a slideshow of pictures I’ve taken so far… We have some really cute kids here! Enjoy the pictures and expect to see more and read…

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Gear up!

It’s about that time… Where I get a chance to take the kids to what has become one of their favorite parts of the summer: Camp No Limits. We’re so excited!! Camp starts on Sunday. I have to get packing… and quick! This is our third year attending the Missouri camp – We’ve been to…

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It's the little things

You know when you get really focused on life and you don’t stop to look at the little things? We’re totally in that mode right now. The kids are attending camps, I’m going to work and afterwards I’m sending the kids to swimming lessons. They’re making progress and I don’t want to lose it while…

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A big leap

Check out Miss Jordan taking the big diving board leap! I’m proud of her. It’s fascinating what a pool does for a child. There are wonderful experiences… and some awkward ones. Just yesterday Jordan had a chance to go down the big slide at our pool a few times. I usually stand there and watch…

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Finding her way

For the past week, Jordan has had many, many chances to swim and it’s been great to see her go from a nervous water kid to a brave risk taker. Luckily she has a life guard or a swim teacher or a doting mother watching her at every moment. My proudest moment was watching Jordan…

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Happy 4th of July!

Happy Fourth to everyone!! We hope you have a wonderful holiday. We had a great weekend so far. Jordan had a chance to spend time with her grandparents and her great grandpa, Daddy Junior. I swear, I would have given anything for my grandparents to have had a chance to spend time with my kids.…

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