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Archive for October 2009

Just when we were having fun

This past week was FILLED with excitement. A lot of it hovered around homecoming on campus. I tend to get all worked up and excited to see former students and invite some to stay with us. That gave Jordan a ton of opportunities to meet new friends. It also gave us a chance to hang…

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Loving the leaves

It’s Fall! It’s been an ugly Fall… All kinds of cold weather and a lot of rain. But it’s also any other Fall where the trees are changing colors and I can’t handle missing a chance to take pictures of the kids! We’ve had a few days recently where the weather has improved while those…

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Hyped up…

Jordan’s new thing to say when she sees me at the end of her school day is: “Where are we going next?” We’re so schedule-packed that when we don’t go anywhere she’s disappointed. I’m trying so hard to try and calm our lives down. Last week I canceled trips to the gym so the kids…

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Dance class success

Using Jordan’s helper arm at dance was a huge success… You can see in this blurry picture that she’s still reaching a bit to touch “hands” but her balance was so much better when she wore “bouncy hand” to her class. She also had no problem walking across the balance beam with it one. Last…

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A dancing challenge

Jordan loves to dance – and this year she’s taking a dance class that has a couple of performances in the year. It’s certainly a bit more intense from the sweet and calm version she took last year. So her dance teacher and I (who also happens to be a co-worker/friend) are trying to decide…

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