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Archive for December 2007

Happy birthday… see ya later

After Jordan’s VERY big second birthday party, her dad and I had to leave town the very next day. We’re on our way to cover the Cotton Bowl for work. Luckily I have a wireless card and I can post from the car. Wow, I’m still floored that Jordan is two years old. Her birthday…

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She loves this holiday

Jordan loved her Christmas Eve. She got to play with family… Many who had never met her. She got to eat good food (she kept saying “YUM” and chow down on all kinds of stuff). She also got to open presents. OH MY GOODNESS. She loved ripping through paper. I honestly think if we had…

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Ho Ho Ho!

Jordan is having fun with all this time without the push and pull of school and therapy and Mom’s work schedule… I put her in a dress I bought for her before she was born two years ago. The funny thing is I thought of this dress not long after her birth and I thought:…

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In the holiday mood

We’re enjoying family time for the holidays — I’m doing my best not to hop online as much as I normally do. Jordan is getting better at saying words like Santa, Ho ho ho and tree. She’s also saying more sentences. REALLY fast sentences. I wanna eat that sounds like “Iwannaeatthat.” She’ll say it rapidly…

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First basketball game

Miss Jordan got to go to her first college basketball game tonight! She had a ball. Seriously. By the end of the game when our team was REALLY winning, we headed out when it was clear she was exhausted. But she had fun cheering and yelling and eating popcorn. She was WAY more engaged than…

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A little togetherness

I try not to pimp this blog much… I encourage parents of limb-different kids to visit, but I rarely encourage crowds of people to visit. After Jordan’s big performance, I kind of pimped it a bit because I’m really proud. Also, I kind of think it’s special to see the confidence and grace of an…

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See it up close

I’m kind of crazy… It’s probably obvious from my devout documentation of my children. So last night I had two different cameras rolling on video of Jordan’s dances. One that would be quick for uploading purposes (see previous blog post) and one that could zoom in closer and I could edit on a computer. So,…

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