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Archive for November 2007

23 Months Old!

I have been sooo swamped at work that I haven’t been able to keep up with the amazing development Jordan’s made in the last week. She’s a big girl. She’s a TALKING girl. Right now, she’s obsessed with nouns. She’s constantly pointing words out everywhere. It’s awesome. After taking Cameron to school, Jordan and I…

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Happy Holidays! Go Tigers!

This has been quite a weekend in our household. We started getting the house switched from standard messy kid-zone to slightly cleaner holiday mode. While Daddy was helping with the big Missouri football game coverage, the kids and I set up the tree in our Mizzou outfits. I also took the kids to a local…

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Thanksgiving feast

We had a pretty darn great Thanksgiving. Jordan got to enjoy a feast thanks to the hard work of her uncle’s boyfriend, Erik, who created a heck of a meal. Her Uncle Jon helped with awesome mashed potatoes and her dad to made his famous family corn bread dressing. All in all, we ate well.…

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It flurried today. Nothing worth taking pictures of… But WOW was it cool to Jordan. I picked her up at school today and she rushed over to the window yelling: “Nooo! Noooo, Mommy!” Yes, “no” means “snow” in Jordan speak. She was very excited… Until I tried to get her outside to see the “no.”…

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**Note: I’ve spent a few days on this post. So pardon the slight rambling** Staring is an issue my family will forever learn to deal with… I used to have a really hard time with it. When Jordan was a baby, I’d look for people staring. Like I was a glutton for punishment. At some…

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Learning about leaves

The kids came out today while we tried to get the decorating started for the holidays — It’s warm and we wanted to decorate in the warmth if we could and we’d turn the lights on AFTER Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, half of the lights we put up didn’t work. (GRRRR) So I guess we’ll have to…

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Proof that Jordan just doesn’t like Santa. Maybe next year she’ll change her mind. This year Jordan was so unhappy about sitting on Santa’s lap, I had to sit with him too. By the way – I know I’m crazy, but I just like getting the Santa visit out of the way. The mall had…

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I love Fall!

It was surprisingly warm today so I packed the kids up and headed out to our local state park for a hike. The leaves are past their peak, so the hills were just COVERED with beautiful colors. I usually plop the kids into a leaf pile in our front yard, but that also requires a…

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Church moment

It was the moment of silence during the service when Jordan yells out: “O! U! O! U!” She thought she was still at the football game where we were yelling M-I-Z-Z-O-U! It was very funny. At least it was to Randy and I.

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Another football game

We took the family to another football game — and it was smack in the middle of nap time. Somehow Miss Jordan slept through an entire quarter — She even slept through a cannon going off twice. All I have to say is that this is the sweetest football picture ever — and DARN it…

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