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Archive for September 2007

Shoe insert drama

I’d like to introduce you to Jordan’s newest tool: shoe orthotics. These are going to help Jordan hold her feet better and prevent damage to her legs. But we’re having trouble finding shoes. I’m so bummed. We went to a local shoe store and tried on TONS of shoes. The problem: Cute girl shoes cut…

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Church and music

We brought Jordan to the actual church service today (first time since she was an itty-bitty baby). During children’s church, the kids went up to the front to listen to a kid sermon. For a short time, Jordan actually sat on Cam’s lap. It was a fantastic thing to watch. It didn’t last long… She…

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21 Months Old!

This has been a really big month for Jordan. She’s really becoming her own person and this month proved it. She’s turning into an independent, strong little girl. Some of her big changes this month included a TON of words and more understanding of my words. I can also talk a little bit of reason…

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Two big developments

Jordan has her new shoe insert/braces. I bought her a pair of sneakers and you’d never even know she has them. Of course we had to try five different pairs of shoes to see if her feet would fit comfortably. It could be a while before I find a pair of sweet, pretty shoes for…

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I swear Jordan is going to speak full understandable sentences in the next few days. Every hour as she grows, it seems like her words are better, clearer… and prouder. This is so fun.

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Oh my gosh. Jordan is so damned sweet. I said “HOORAY!” in the car this evening… Then she joined in with a sweet “HOORAY!” Well, I had to show off her sweet hooray with her Dad. SO right before bed we started yelling HOORAY!! I took her up to bed, sang our lullaby when she…

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What happened to my peaceful traveler?

My poor baby girl. When we started out on this great trip. See that picture, that’s how our trip started out. Today’s trip home didn’t go as well. It was kind of sad. Her eye teeth have put her in a pretty sour mood. In our first flight she was okay until we had to…

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Sweet video of my girl

Here’s Jordan reading to little Murphy dog. Sweet stuff. It’s kind of long, but fun. By the way, I’ve been preaching the glories of Motionbox and now I’m kind of sad… The company just suddenly put a size limit on accounts. You have to pay a yearly fee for an unlimited amount of space. I’m…

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Eye teeth are mean

Jordan didn’t sleep well last night… periodic crying, restlessness. It was so sad. When she woke up she was warm and unhappy. She just cuddled for 20 minutes with me before she was ready to eat breakfast. Darn teeth. What stuns me is how this is really the first time we’ve had trouble with teeth.…

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All kinds of family and friend time

We’re enjoying our time with family and friends here in the Dallas area. Jordan is such a big, happy girl…. Even though we finally have more teeth arriving!! That’s right, her eye teeth are coming in. That will leave just the bottom four to take their time in arriving. So the teeth are keeping Jordan…

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