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Archive for August 2007

20 Months Old!

Jordan got to celebrate her 20 month old birthday by meeting a brand new baby. Her name is Charley and Jordan was skeptical of the experience. She patted her very gently, but was more interested in babbling and talking to Charley’s family. Either way, it was so awesome to hold a little baby in my…

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Teeth talk

Miss Jordan had her first dentist appointment today. Very exciting stuff. She did a pretty good job and the dentist said Jordan’s teeth are getting closer to coming in. She’s 20 months old tomorrow! 20 months! It’s due time she gets those teeth don’t you think? She was exhausted when we got to school… But…

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Busy couple of months

Jordan is about to spend a lot of time in Texas. Next month she and I are going to the Dallas area to spend time with my aunt and uncle. I’m SUPER excited about that. And now it’s pretty clear that we need to plan a new trip to Houston for Jordan to upgrade her…

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Wow. What a mess

My sweet sandy girl Originally uploaded by NerdyMom Yeah. We played in the water this weekend. Jordan is still wary of our water sprinkler… But she got wet enough to let the sand REALY stick to her hair and skin. I fell on the ground laughing and then ran inside to find the camera. SO…

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Little developments every day

We’re moving into a stage where milestones creep up very organically. It’s natural and slow and amazing when you realize she just did something “grown up.” As we walked into school the last three days, Jordan grabbed the railing and walked up the stairs all by herself. Cam and I were so excited. She’s getting…

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Next step for the girl's feet

So we’re moving forward with helping Jordan’s foot issues. We met with Jordan’s physical therapist this evening. She’s pretty sure an orthotic device called a UCBL will help. It’s a shoe insert that may help keep Jordan from curling her feet and help her hold them on the ground properly. The hard part: She thinks…

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Back home

There’s nothing like the hug you can get from a child when you’ve been away. Jordan was so happy to see me when I got home. Her hugs are strong. Her smooches are sweet. The down side of returning is watching her cry as I dropped her off at school. It’s the first time she’s…

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Fat Bat Cat Sat

I’m still out of town but for consecutive days… When I talk to Jordan she starts babbling in a very Dr. Seuss-like way. “Hi Jordan. I miss you.” “Fat Bat Cat Sat Bat Fah.” “Wow. That’s great. Then what happened?” “Fat Cat Sat Mat Bat Fah.” “That’s amazing. I can’t wait to see you.” It’s…

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