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Super proud of our friend

This summer, the kids and I got to take part in our second year at Camp No Limits. We met many new kids, families and friends. One of those friends is a fantastic person named Josh Kennison. Josh was born without hands or feet and he hasn’t let that stop him one bit. He’s one of the fastest runners I’ve ever met. He won THREE gold medals at this year’s Extremity Games. He speaks to all kinds of groups about his incredible abilities even when at first sight, you might think differently. Jordan quickly fell madly in love with Josh. I’m a huge fan too. Ever since we met him, it’s been awesome to follow him on Facebook and the many different times he’s interviewed in the media.

The most recent article is about Josh and a speech he gave to middle schoolers. I just swell with pride with each article because Josh is encouraging so many kids – with or without limb differences. My favorite story about Josh was an incredible bike ride he took this summer. He got a brand new bike that lets him go as far as he wants to go… So his goal was to ride from his town in Paris, Maine to the largest of the camps in Rome, Maine. It’s pretty awesome and one of the Maine TV stations reported on the ride.

Somehow I haven’t boasted about my pride about Josh before on this blog… and I think he deserves all kinds of applause. My favorite part of camp this summer was watching him become a mentor to a young boy who also does not have hands or feet. Josh’s encouragement helped this little boy (who is Jordan’s age) try things he had never been willing to try before – including ride a bike at camp. It was the highlight of my camp experience.


  1. Breck on November 20, 2010 at 10:15 pm

    Wow – totally inspiring!! Thank you!

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