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Soccer season in full force

Jordan decided to make a grand return to soccer this fall. The strange thing is Jordan is totally on the fence between liking it and disliking it. It started out with a chance to practice soccer with the bigger kids each week. She always has fun but feels timid right before they start.

Jordan had her eye on the ball during the whole game.

Fast forward to her Sunday game. We were all relaxing in the aftermath of tailgating and watching our Missouri Tigers lose its football game. We were all tired. But Jordan’s Poppy was in town and we were looking forward to seeing her play in her afternoon game. But when it was time to get ready, Jordan had to put on a “I don’t want to play” show.

Somehow we convinced her to play.

Thank goodness we did… because she did great. Jordan dug in and played hard. We even got to watch her score a goal. It was very exciting. Interestingly enough, she didn’t make a big scene when she scored. She’s watched her brother play soccer for years. His celebration is usually huge. She’s a focused, calm and relatively unemotional player. Very interesting.

We celebrated after the game. Ice cream for all. Jordan was proud and I hope it’s enough to keep her on the soccer field. She’s signed up for at least one more session. I’d love to see her continue.


  1. Michael Jose on October 8, 2012 at 12:56 am

    Go Jordan Go… I have earmarked your story/blog pages for my daughter to read when she grows up. She is just 3 weeks old and a special one like you!.

    Thank You Jen for the blogs…everyday me and my wife are looking forward to something from you and Jordan. We would have read all the blogs so many times in the last few days and it is soothing and very comforting. Gives us hope to look forward to our daugther growing up!.

    Thank You,

    Deepa & Michael.

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