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Ready for Halloween

Jordan has a habit of wearing wings with her Halloween costumes… And I was really focused on helping her find something that avoided that accessory. I was in talks with her with all kinds of new ideas. I really wanted her to be a pirate princess. I mean, she does have a REALLY cool monkey bar “hand” that is a hook. But Jordan didn’t think that was very cool. As we kept talking and planning, one of her favorite books kept coming up into discussion. That’s when I realized we were not going to avoid the wings once again thanks to Pinkalicious.

I immediately searched for Pinkalicious outfits… Because I decided a while ago that finding the best possible costume from a discount costume website will save me more time and stress than trying to do it myself. I know… I’m missing the fun of Halloween. But I love my sanity.

So a little more than a month ago, I found a Pinkalicious costume in the cheapest, most affordable and well constructed version. I put in my order and it said I’d see it in the last week of September. I figured that was great – we’d have a month of ownership before Halloween. Then, I get an email from the company saying it was backordered and I’d have to wait until sometime this month. I started sweating. What if it doesn’t show? Ack! Well, good news. It’s here!

Miss Jordan got a chance to enjoy trying on her new outfit. There’s something about pink that make my girl glow.

Randy thinks we should take the Pinkalicious theme to the extreme. If she’s going to dress up like a little girl who eats too many pink cupcakes, we should let her color her hair pink. I’m a little worries about the kind of mess that could cause… So if anyone who reads this has ideas, I’l take them. I know Jordan will buy into whatever we offer if it gives her a chance to be even pinker than this very pink outfit.

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  1. Elle on October 9, 2010 at 9:54 pm

    “But it looks like Pinkalicious has brown hair!” (Y’know, if you want to avoid any hair dye).

    But, my mom let me use some of the spray kind the year I was 10. It was really easy – we sprayed it on outside and it washed right out. I’d do the spraying in something other than her pretty costume, though.

    Good luck!

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