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Learning about Hanukkah

Jordan has a really awesome music teacher at school who talked to the kids about Hanukkah. Since then, she was curious about the holiday and wanted to learn more. So I checked in with my friend Amy and we went over to her house to light the menorah, make some doughnuts and play with the dreidel. Jordan had a really great time and got to learn a lot.

Amy even gave us a dreidel to bring home and play. I’m excited because Jordan totally kicked our butts playing the game and now her brother wants to give it a try. Cameron says he played it last year at school and thinks he’s the best spinner in the whole world. Jordan on the other hand needs a little work on her dreidel skill.

Either way, I’m proud of Jordan for her curiosity and I’m thankful for a friend like Amy who is willing to share! (And we’re excited we know how to make our own doughnuts!)

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  1. Brad on December 7, 2010 at 2:29 pm

    Advanced dreidel trick: spin it upside down, so that it lands on the stem spinning.

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