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Growing up… An end of an era

dsc_0321I know this sounds cheesy… But Jordan wrapped up her little dance class for the school year and I’m feeling a little nostalgic about it all. It was a small class that met on Thursday mornings since last September. She’s had a chance to learn the basics of dance, improve her balance and overall jumping and bouncing abilities and really get to know some new friends. The girls are close from spending all of that time together dancing and giggling and just being girls.

I had a chance to really get to know a few moms and have a good time talking with them… And now our girls are grown up enough to move out of their little beginner class and dance with the Creative Movement class. That’s where 3-5 year olds dance together before they graduated into Kinder Dance. Craziness.

Anyway. I’m proud of the photo I got of the girls. They are all beautiful and they all felt like posing after their last class. Miss Jordan looks smug and proud to be who she is. Most of my friends say this picture proves she’s trouble… and they’re probably right. Either way, the girls move up with the other kids this summer for a short five week class before they return in the Fall. I think it’s probably worth keeping up with the dance experience as long as Jordan loves it the way she does.

dsc_0390This evening we’re meeting with Jordan’s case manager with the county program that helped provide funding for Jordan’s prosthetic arm and equestrian therapy. We’re looking into possible funding for a summer camp that invites families with kids who have limb differences to have fun for a few days. This year Camp No Limits is holding a camp in the St. Louis area and I’d hate to miss that opportunity. We’ll see if we can go. It’s a pretty steep expense if you take the whole family… so Jordan and I may be the only ones who can afford to go. We may also be able to sign Jordan up for another equestrian training class. Her first one ended this past week as well. She LOVED every bit of it. I’ll let you know how the visit with our manager goes. I’m so grateful to have access to support for our girl so we can give her some of these awesome opportunities.

By the way, that’s a picture of Jordan feeding Thunder, the horse she rides during equestrian therapy. She won the prize for “Best Trotting” in her final class. So now she has a big purple horse ribbon to show off with pride.

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  1. Michelle on May 17, 2009 at 4:49 am

    I love her spunk! Great picture!

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