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Dream Big, Princess Innovator

Jordan Princess AwardMy head is still spinning a little after this past long weekend. Jordan was given a one-of-a-kind invitation by Disney Parks: To receive a special award for her innovative work in the limb difference community. It’s a part of a campaign called Dream Big, Princess.

I’ve written time and time again how I consider Jordan the ultimate strong kid. She’s confident, she’s active and she will accomplish every single goal she sets for herself. I am bursting with pride over how Disney recognized Jordan for these characteristics. The company sent us to Walt Disney World to receive her award during its yearly Disney Social Media Moms Celebration event. Even better? She got to meet two other amazing young women who earned awards as well.

The Dream Big, Princess campaign focuses on how Disney Princesses don’t need to be rescued. They are strong, confident and able.

Jordan along with 1o-year-old Hailey Fort and 11-year-old Olivia Allen are real life examples of Dream Big, Princess. Jordan earned an innovation award while Hailey won one for community and Olivia earned one for empowerment. Even better? We had the chance to get to know the Fort and Allen families as Jordan gained two wonderful new friends. This recognition is incredibly special and I know Jordan feels honored as well.

I broadcast the Dream Big, Princess portion of the conference so you can see the context the girls fit in… and you’ll understand why I was pretty teary during the award ceremony.

It really was so incredibly special and I can’t thank Disney Events enough for including Jordan. I have a ton of stories to share from the long weekend. I’ll try to roll it out slowly so I don’t overwhelm you with Disney. But it was beyond special. I have a ton of memories I want to share!

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