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An Inspirational Award

Jordan won the Women's Intersport Network of Columbia's Inspiration AwardI haven’t written much about this… But Jordan was nominated for a very special award in our city. It’s the WIN (Women’s Intersport Network) for Columbia Inspiration Award. I hesitated about making a big deal because we were told she was nominated but we wouldn’t know if she won until we attended the event. Three people would stand and receive certificates… only one would win. I didn’t even tell Jordan about the award part until we got there today because I didn’t want her to have a lot of time to think about winning or not winning.

She won.

Jordan was nominated with two other amazing women and ended up getting the votes to receive an award by Jackie Joyner-Kersee who was the keynote speaker for the event this year. Wow. Talk about inspirational.

It’s hard to explain the word “inspiration” to Jordan. I don’t want her to float around thinking she’s the most amazing person. I want her to be proud of her abilities and recognize that when she participates in activities, it inspires people just because she keeps trying. Just being Jordan can be inspirational… and that’s intimidating if you think about it for a long time.

So today we’ll celebrate. Jordan brought her certificate and award to her classroom after the lunch event to show to her friends at school. We’ll figure out a place to show it off. We’ll remind her that she motivates others to try and keep her motivated during a soccer game or when I’m trying to encourage her to run with me. What’s special about it all is Jordan is learning to lead and mentor others. I’m proud that she wants to support others and I’m proud that she stood on stage today and spoke in front of a really big crowd. I’m proud that she looks up to her family and I am proud to share this sweet video of her today.


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