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Archive for August 2011

Video: Swimming Fun

The outdoor swimming season isn’t over for us! To add to the fun… Jordan was in a show off mode yesterday. First, she was all about grooving and dancing to the music at the pool last night. It was almost totally empty now that the school year has started so she had all kinds of…

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Ready to dive into Dolphin Tale

I can’t tell you how excited we are about the new Dolphin Tale movie. Our obsession started when Hanger Prosthetics gave Jordan a stuffed animal that looks like Winter the Dolphin who is the star of the movie. The company also gave Jordan a book with Winter’s story… how as a baby, she was swimming…

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Talking to Kindergarten Parents

We jumped into our first full week of school and it seems like Jordan is getting into the flow very comfortably. She does this to me. We head into a huge transition and she just flows into it. Her teacher says things are going well… Most kids are very understanding of Jordan’s difference. Her biggest…

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Fun in the water

We decided at the last minute to go play in the water… not at our pool but at a water park that’s about an hour and a half away. We didn’t have time to spend an entire day there, but long enough for the kids to have fun and do things I’m pretty sure they’ve…

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Lucky Fin Bracelet Winners!

Congrats to the five winners of Born Just Right’s first ever giveaway. I teamed up with Molly over at the Lucky Fin Project to offer you a chance to win one of her fabulous and special bracelets. And the five winners are: Janet Carlson Elle Ellis Patty Tracey Shannon DaGrossa I’m so excited! To the…

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I'll admit it. The first day of school made me teary.

She did it! Jordan had her first day of Kindergarten and we all lived to tell the tale. Okay – that’s probably over stating it, but I had hoped the first day of school would go well. Jordan and her teacher worked together to help her classmates understand her limb difference. So here’s how it…

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I need your help!

I attend SXSW Interactive every year – it’s a MASSIVE conference in Austin, Texas where tech-minded people gather to have fun and learn from each other. It’s been an awesome experience for me for the last three years… And I’m looking forward to attending again next March. But this year I want to do it…

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Get ready Kindergarten… Here we come!

We’re ready… Or at least we’re in the mindset to get this Kindergarten experience rolling. We took Jordan to her Kindergarten welcome last night. She had a chance to play on the playground, see old and new friends, eat ice cream and meet her new teacher. I had a chance to email her teacher a…

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We all have #moreincommon

I’ve wanted to take some time to talk about the wonderful experience I had during the BlogHer conference. A little more than a week ago, a group of people gathered for three hours to talk about the special needs community and how we’re managing with the help of the incredibly connected world we live in.…

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Lucky Fin Bracelet Giveaway!

I love the Born Just Right community. As it grows, I see so many people supporting each other and offering knowledge of the special needs world – especially the limb difference world. I want to hug each and every one of you. Since I can’t do that… I thought I’d offer the first ever Born…

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