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Archive for May 2011

Amputee Coalition of America Conference-Bound

Jordan and I are attending the Amputee Coalition of America’s National Conference this weekend… We were planning to attend Friday through Saturday until we found out Jordan’s favorite prosthetic expert, David Rotter, is speaking on Thursday about upper limb technology. We don’t want a miss to hear what he and other experts have to say.…

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Experimenting with Swimming

The summer swimming season is here! Miss Jordan decided that she’d get experimental while we were in the pool. Two days in a row, she asked to use her activity arm and two different hands while we were there. First, she gave her swimming arm a try – it’s a little paddle that could give…

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Under construction!

I’m rebuilding Born Just Right this weekend… but it’s really warm out and Jordan is begging to go to the pool… So enjoy the new Born Just Right logo and expect to see big changes in the next 24 hours or so!

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A little happy during so much sad

I’m surrounded by stories of sadness and recovery in Joplin, Missouri. I work in a newsroom that is not in Joplin, but close enough that there are so many people in my town who are personally connected to this natural disaster. I am helping coordinate some of the relief efforts through social media and it’s…

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In times of disaster

I work in a newsroom and I am swamped by the horrific information I am learning in the aftermath of a terrible tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri. It’s four hours away from where I live and my newsroom is trying to keep up with the search and rescue efforts along with relief efforts for…

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Great show!

Miss Jordan was part of another fantastic dance recital this year. We got to the stage early so my friend (who happens to be Jordan’s teacher) could help me do Jordan’s hair. I’m just not good at this… and Cyndi has years of experience as a dance teacher and a mom. So I did the…

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Video: Here comes the recital

Tonight’s the big night… and like many dance studios, we aren’t allowed to take pictures or shoot video during the actual performance. Unlike me, I forgot my good camera at work so I only had my iPhone to capture last night’s recital rehearsal. I’m totally off my game. Actually, maybe I’m calming down. I rushed…

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A day in the life of Jordan

When Jordan was born, one of the first things I worried about was her self confidence. It was a nervous concern that nagged at me a lot when she was a newborn. As she grew, it was quite obvious that Jordan is naturally confident and very focused on doing things on her own. She demanded…

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Staying Sane When Your Calendar Is Insane

NOTE: Born Just Right is growing to offer additional perspective and support to parents of special needs kids. If you’re interested, check out this post. ____________________ Lindsey, my daughter with mitochondrial disease, has quite the busy schedule. We have been to about one zillion appointments in her almost 3 years. We have trekked all over the…

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Being Your Child's Advocate

NOTE: Born Just Right is growing to offer additional perspective and support to parents of special needs kids. If you’re interested, check out this post. _______________________ Remember the meeting I talked about last week? Where I walked out feeling like the worst mother in the world? I also left that meeting feeling hopeless. Because when I…

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