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Archive for October 2007

We had so much fun

Jordan was so big tonight… She loved trick or treating. At first she didn’t even want to walk up to the houses. Then she realized she had a chance to ask for candy and suddenly she understood. She tried really hard to say “trick or treat”… it sounded kind of like “twickah.” Then she had…

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So dang sweet

I know this picture is blurry… But I love it. Jordan was about to tackle me. I took the kids to work. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it, but work is near a cow pasture. (yeah) As we drove in, Jordan started yelling: “MOO! MOO! MOO!” She was really excited. So after we were…

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22 Months Old!!

Is it possible… Can Jordan be THIS close to 2 years old? It’s stunning to see what a little girl she’s turning into. She has more and more words. Heck she even has two and three word sentences. She’s also a much more emotional and demanding little person. When she wants something, she’ll scream it.…

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We're in the Halloween mood

I put Jordan in her costume for the first time today — She wasn’t too thrilled to be wrapped around by the body of a ladybug. But dang she looks cute. We had a neighborhood Halloween party… It’s the third in a row and it’s just the coolest thing. I don’t know everyone’s name in…

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We had another meeting with the physical medicine and rehabilitation doctor that’s worked with us since Jordan was three months old. I’ve used him as a back-up source… And extra eye on Jordan’s care so we can be sure that she’s developing and getting the proper care. Today we arrived to show off her growing…

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Still talking about Z-O-U

Jordan loved going to the football game this weekend. We were trying to get Jordan to say the second half of the M-I-Z-Z-O-U chant. She kind of says “Oh-Eww” She is getting better with her words. Tonight she called Dudley dog “Dudley” instead of Bubba. She wanted more bread, she said “more bread.” I still…

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Homecoming is so fun

Miss Jordan got to ride on her school’s Homecoming float this morning. She had so much fun waving hello to the crowd. I had fun listening to her yelling “HI!” to everyone. She blew kisses and wanted desperately to eat the tootsie rolls that the big kids were throwing to the crowd. Jordan is NOT…

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Jordan surprises us. Every once and a while, when you least expect it… She does something amazing. We were all playing in the playground at Cam’s school this afternoon when Jordan climbed up and just slid down the slide TWICE. No need to sit on my lap. She just DID it. I love it. I’m…

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Cranky pants

Something’s going on with the girl. She slept poorly last night. She wouldn’t eat today… only mushy stuff. Anything the crunched ended up getting spit out. Of course some mushy stuff wasn’t right so she threw it. She cried a lot at school. Her nose it runny. She has a cough. It’s just a mess.…

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Day in the outdoors

Jordan made herself even more known at church today. She screamed her way right out of the service and into the nursery. It was ugly… And kind of funny at the same time. It was so loud that I was given some recognition as I returned to the service after dropping Jordan off. Aren’t kids…

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